Tschako vom Wällerhorst

faeIPO 3, Two-Time Mid Central Regional Champion, Two-Time National Championship Competitor, and 2015 Working Dog Championship Competitor.

We have been been breeding working GSD’s since 1996 and in that amount of time we have some of the best stud dogs in the country or possibly the world.  Cliff vom Schwedenbrunnen, Justin vom Pendelbach, Hobbit von der Donnerbruecke, Gus von der Maineiche, Feivel vom Wannaer Hohen, Cinto vom Schwarzen Eule, Ghost von der Staatsmacht and Aiko vom Kassler Krreuz just to name a few.  Tschako is head and shoulder above any of them.  Yes we loved them all but Tschako is by far the best male we’ve ever owned.  He owns us.  All you have to do is be around him at home or on the trial field and you will soon see why.  Impeccable character that is immediately obvious when you meet Tschako.  A clown and a lover around home, with others, with puppies and other dogs but a man stopper on the field with heart the is SELDOM seen in this breed.  Also Tschako’s appearance is something you won’t believe.  A large masculine head and neck with a shorter muzzle than some and one of the most heavily muscled bodies you will ever see in a German Shepherd.  Tschako is an extremely sound dog physically that never takes a bad step and is always up for work rain or shine.  All of this with one of the best working pedigrees in the breed today.  We’re not just bragging on him, he backs it up in his puppies.  Most have his temperament and work ethic with just the right hardness and resilience to go along with it.  Tschako is open for stud to approved females.

 Tschako vom Wällerhorst, IPO3, SG, “a” normal hips and elbows.  Tschako came to us from Heiko Emken.  We are elated to have him in our kennel.  We would like to thank Heike Müller-Hamann once again for her help in getting Tschako.  Tschako is a son of Drago vom Patriot  and Mandy vom Wällerhorst.

 Tschako Pedigree