Upcoming Litters

At Alte Baum Kennel, we produce some of the best German Shepherds from top working lines – for family, sport, and police work.
Here’s what’s coming soon!

Tschako vom Wällerhorst

Tschako vom Wallerhorst and Quetta vom Rosenberg have a litter on the ground now, born 3/23/17! Call 515-955-4801 for availability.


Tschako vom Wallerhorst and Pixie von der Alte Baum have a litter due in April 2017. Call 515-955-4801 for availability.


At Alte Baum Kennels, we are breeders of top German Shepherd working dogs from European bloodlines.  Our goal is to produce dogs that have trainability, correct temperament and the character to achieve, no matter what is asked of them.

Our puppies are from top working lines with nice pigment, strong heads and bones for Schutzhund, Sport, Police, & family companions.

Since 1995 Alte Baum Kennel has imported top working German Shepherds from Europe in an attempt to create a breeding program here in the United States equal to the top kennels in Germany and Europe.

If you are looking for an exceptional working line German Shepherd puppy, call Alte Baum Kennel to reserve your puppy today! 

Call 515-955-4801 for pricing and availability.